The Safety Department at Harwich International is available to provide critical advice to customers, employees and port management, and to carry out safety inspections and environmental monitoring of cargoes.

Advice can be provided concerning UK, European and international health, safety and environmental legislation.

Routine safety inspections, tours, job task safety analyses, risk assessments and accident investigations are all performed by the Safety Department, in addition to safety training for port personnel to increase safety awareness and to reduce accidents and loss. 

Certificated to 18001 (Safety), 14001 (Environmental) and 50001 (Energy), the management systems provide for continuous improvement across all areas.

The Department can be contacted during normal working hours through our switchboard, or out of hours via our Operations Centre on +44 (0)1255 252125.

With the support of the Safety Department, the Dangerous Goods Centre (DGC) oversees the movement of hazardous cargo through the port. This ensures that cargo is safe and handled without risks to health, and that the requirements of both The Dangerous Goods in Harbour Areas Regulations and the International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code are met.

Notification of all dangerous goods to pass through the port must be made to the DGC through the Operations Centre , with written prior approval and special data required for explosive and radioactive cargoes. Notification for all hazardous cargoes being imported is made electronically through the Destin8 Dangerous Goods Reporting System. Remain On Board dangerous goods cargoes must also be reported and may also be notified through Destin8.

Traffic Management Plan

Harwich International Port has developed a comprehensive Traffic Management Plan to help ensure the safety of all port users, and to comply with current Health and Safety legislation.

The plan covers 3 main areas:

Safe Driver - The document covers port drivers' health, training and competency

Safe Vehicle - Areas covered include vehicle design, maintenance and appropriate safety features

Safe site - The majority of the plan concentrates on this area and covers adequate site planning and traffic management to ensure drivers and pedestrians circulate safely.

The plan details routes for LGV traffic, both driver accompanied and unaccompanied, import and export movements.  It also covers non LGV traffic and pedestrian routes.  The measures to control all traffic are detailed within the plan, including highway standard signage and road markings, speed limits, traffic calming measures and the use of traffic marshals to control areas during busy times.

Detail of road surface management, repair and drainage are captured within the plan, as is the action to be taken in an emergency situation or during adverse weather conditions.

If customers or interested parties have any questions or require further information, please contact: enquiries@harwich.co.uk

Please click on the link below for driver information and port plan:

Driver image.jpgleaflet Handout Basic Map image for safety page.pdf Driver Information and Port Plan   

walkway image for website.jpg Designated Walking Routes