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Harwich International is one of the UK’s leading multi-purpose freight and passenger ports. Its success is down to the passion and commitment of the people who work here. The port recognises the need for a flexible and motivated workforce, supported by dedicated, results-focused managers. 

There are opportunities to join the port through a number of channels, each of which offers different development paths: 

Being a multi-disciplined port, the focus is very much on providing a flexible, dedicated workforce able to meet the needs of all customers. This culture is reflected in a commitment to high-quality training for all port staff, and is evident in the creation of a National Vocational Qualifications (NVQ) scheme.

As part of the Hutchison Ports group, the world’s leading port network, we aim to provide a career, not just a job. The management of performance and individual development is a critical aspect of maintaining our success, and we will work with you to agree a clear and demanding set of objectives that is designed not only to match our own business objectives but also to allow you to achieve your full potential.

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Vacancies are for positions at Harwich International, Port of Felixstowe and London Thamesport

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